Palm42 & PalmDominoes

from Curtis Cameron

42 and Dominoes for Palm OS

What Are They?

Palm42 Screen Shot PalmDominoes Screen Shot

Palm42 plays very much like the Win42 game. PalmDominoes plays very much like the Dominoes for Windows game. Just like them, you can download each and try them out for free. After purchasing, you register your downloaded version by entering a code.

Each game plays a time-limited trial for 15 days. When you purchase, you don't need to download anything else, just enter your code.

The games require Palm OS version 3.0 or greater. Palm42 takes about 100 K of memory, PalmDominoes only 52 K. They look best on a color 320x320 screen, but support the original black and white 160x160 size screen as well.

Using the Games

See a larger explanation of what's on the screen: Palm42 - PalmDominoes

Notes on using Palm42: You can drag dominoes with the stylus to rearrange your hand. Drag one to the center to play it, or tap it once. Tapping a domino that's not currently a legal play will swap it left-to-right.

Tap the question mark button to see the suggested bid or play, tap the "S" button to see the reason for it explained.

You can use the up-down hard keys on the Palm to select bid amounts and trumps. You can also tap the popup to see a list of selections. For the trump selection, for normal trumps such as blank through six, just tap one side of a domino to select it as trump. For other choices, tap the popup.

Notes on using PalmDominoes: I've made the game fun and simple, but to get all those dominoes to fit on a small screen, I had to leave off extraneous menus and buttons.

To play a domino, you can drag it with the stylus and drop it where you want it to go, or simply tap that one. If it can play in only one place (or if more than one and they're all equivalent plays), then it will be played there. If there is more than one place, it will flash each location for you, and then you can tap on the table near that location to play it there.

When you need to draw from the bone yard, the small bones in the lower right corner will flash briefly. Tap in the bone yard to draw one into your hand. It takes the closest domino to where you tapped, and you really are selecting which one you get.

Downloading and Installing
To run Palm42 and/or PalmDominoes on your Palm OS device, click the link below to begin downloading the .prc file onto your computer. Save it to a location you can find easily, such as your Desktop. When it finishes downloading, find the file and double-click it. This should cause your Palm Install Tool to set up that file to be installed on your Palm device next time you perform a HotSync operation.

The price for Palm42 is $15, and PalmDominoes is $10. When you're ready to purchase, you have three options. You can purchase online with a credit card using the site, send me money electronically through the PayPal system, or mail me a check or cash. You will receive a code that you will enter into the game on your Palm, and the code is dependent on your HotSync ID. Therefore you must include your HotSync ID when ordering. accepts Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover cards. As soon as your credit card transaction is approved (a few minutes to a day), you'll automatically receive an e-mail message with the code you need to register the game.

I also accept checks, money orders, and cash mailed to me. I can accept checks and money orders only if they're drawn on a US bank. If you're outside the US, sending cash is the easiest. I've never heard of any problems with lost cash coming to me. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, and write clearly. Send it to:

Curtis Cameron
6721 Clear Springs Circle
Garland, TX 75044

When I receive your check, I'll e-mail you your codes. I try to process these once a day, but sometimes it can take a few days.

Questions or comments? Send me mail.

Updated 27 December 2004