Screen Images from Palm42

Here is what Palm42 looks like. Of course, it looks better on a color Palm. It's made so that you can play it with your fingers, you don't even need to use the stylus. After the game is first installed, it shows you suggestions for plays and bids, but you will probably want to turn this off.

Here's where you bid. Tap the popup that now says "pass" to change your bid, then click the OK button to accept it. Or, you can use the up/down hard keys to change the bid.

Here's where you select a trump after you've won the bid. You can select a different trump by tapping that number on one side of a domino, or click the popup selector to choose a non-number trump, such as "No Trump", "Doubles", "Plunge", etc. You can also use the up/down hard keys to select a trump.

All the options you'll have for setting rule variations, available after you've purchased the game.

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Updated 27 December 2004