Dominoes Games
for Windows PCs
from Curtis Cameron

The best domino games available for Windows.

How to move the games to a new computer

If you have a new computer, or have reformatted your existing one, here's how to get the games onto that one. You can't just copy the files - there are things that are done in the installation program with your Registry settings.

First, go to the Download Page, then download and run the Full Installation Package.

Next, get the code(s) for the game(s) you've purchased. On your old computer, start the game, click Help, Register, and note the exact spelling of your name that's used and the code. If you can't get to that, then you can use the Code Lookup to have them e-mailed to you. Then enter the code(s) into the newly installed game(s) by clicking Help, Register, and entering the data.

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