Dominoes Games
for Windows PCs
from Curtis Cameron

The best domino games available for Windows.

Privacy Policy

I understand and respect the importance you place on maintaining your privacy. When you do business with me, I will not allow anyone else access to your information.

  • If you download the games, I can't see any information other than what ISP you use.
  • If you send me e-mail, then I can see your e-mail address and any other information you include.
  • If you buy the games by sending me cash or a check, I can see your return address, as well as any information on your check or that you write.
  • If you purchase with, they will see some information, such as your credit card number if that's how you pay. has their own strict privacy policy. sends me the information I need to process your order, but I never get to see your credit card info.
  • If you buy with PayPal, I can see your e-mail address, and the PayPal message also usually includes the shipping address that you have registered with them.

I will not sell this information to anyone, nor let anyone else have it. I will archive it, so that I can get your codes back to you if you ever lose them. Also, I have on about three occasions sent out information on the games to all the people who have purchased recently.

My service provider, Internet America, could also see your information, but they're in business to be a trusted provider, not to violate people's privacy by collecting e-mail addresses or other information.

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